Info Related to SARS Registration (PAYE and UIF)

What is a SARS Registration (PAYE and UIF)?

Every PTY/CC is required by law to register for PAYE/UIF if the company has employees. This results in the company being eligible to pay PAYE and UIF related costs. Failure to do this is an infringement in terms of the responsibilities of the directors or members of the company. A SARS Registration (PAYE and UIF) is completed within 20 working days of GrowABusiness receiving the customer documents. It is necessary for a company to be registered for Income Tax before the PAYE/UIF registration is done.


Who will use a SARS Registration (PAYE and UIF)?

Directors or members of a PTY/CC that wants to register the business for PAYE/UIF.


Why would someone use a SARS Registration (PAYE and UIF)?

This is needed to comply with the regulations of running a company in South Africa. It is the directors or members duty to ensure that this registration is in place for the business.


How would one order a SARS Registration (PAYE and UIF)?

The prospective business owner can complete the details below. Within 4 hours of this request being sent to the GrowABusiness Sales Team, a quotation will be sent to the customer. The customer can then make payment against the quote. Once the payment has been allocated by the GrowABusiness Accounts Team (usually within 2 working days), the order will be activated and the necessary information related to the order will be emailed to the customer. The registration of the SARS PAYE/UIF will be completed within 20 working days from the date that we receive the customer’s documents.

If you don’t receive a quote within 4 hours, please send us an email to with your full name, email address and mobile number for us to verify on our system and send you the relevant quote.


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